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A modern browser method to measure the approximate amount of time in milliseconds ms required to execute a block of code …

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Parameter Label

Hint. Both the console.time() and the complimentary console.timeEnd() methods accept one like parameter to fill each respective argument.

A value of the String type ie.) a label that identifies the test being run on the code block between the two methods, as follows:

// Declare three variables
var pia = 3.14159265359;
var pib = 3.14159265359;
var pic = "3.14159265359";
// An IFFE
(function() {
  var test = (pia == pib);

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Chad Adams [1].

  1. Mastering Javascript High Performance by Chad Adams. Published © 2015 by


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