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Once engaged the shift begins to shape over a four (4) hour period of time …

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The Extra Board

Hint. Both Proof-O-Work and Proof-O-Stack are dynastic models eligible for severe corruption of the masses, if not the classes.

Solving mathematical puzzles 24/7 will burn out a computer system fairly quickly.

Leaving a machine “on” for 24/7 also consumes a huge amount of current, mostly environmentally unfriendly.

Why not restrict the flow of waste, as opposed to restricting the flow of transactions into the crucible?

Shift Shapers

When an entity is ready to perform work, does not the entity alert human resources of his or her readiness?

Human resources then places the entity on the list of eligible workers, first come, first serve.

If in the event a block requires forging pronto, and the worker(s) at the top of the list are contacted as primary, secondary, and tertiary sources of immediate labor, if one cannot fulfill the task expediently, then the next is automatically and instantly alerted.

Shift Shape

Once engaged, the shift begins to shape over a four (4) hour period of time.

After four (4) hours, or right before the collapse of four (4) hours, new miners are inserted into the fray.

The retiring miners are placed on “sleep” and returned to the bottom of the que.

Cannot a machine be programmed to awaken from slumber?

And, instantly engage as a superior node?

A node eligible to receive coin upon completion of the task is a notable que.

A Frightful Despotism

Bitcoin is currently controlled by the red Chinese and a factional cabal of disparate programmers.

Whereas the Ethereum platform must divorce itself from a similar pathway at the expense of a monolithic transaction processing regime …

At the same time our democratic process must empower local mining nodes to step in and fill the efficiency gap.

An investment tax credit for the machines, manpower, and materials required to stimulate existing business into the transaction processing space is a step our state legislature should consider.

Bitcoin now dynastically captured by the east is a rope around the neck of the American consumer that must NOT be allowed to constrict.

The Ethereum platform is light years ahead of Bitcoin to the point Bitcoin must now be considered legacy.

Web 3.0 beckons, people.

Bitcoin is not the solution, but a tease that will be consumed by the actors perpetrating its false existence.

Is not the Ethereum platform an offspring of our own choice uninfluenced?

Ether, therefore, must not be allowed to follow Bitcoin into the abyss.

We must mitigate the evils to which Bitcoin tends by creating a more perfect platform of Ethereum.

The Folly

“’Tis folly for one crypto to look upon the disinterested favors of another crypto, that must be paid with a portion of the viewing crypto’s Independence.” ~ George Washington

Why is the Ethereum platform following Bitcoin into the abyss?

Both “Proof of Stake” and “Proof of Work” consensus methods are flawed.

The deeper Ethereum becomes entangled in the East, the less Independence she will find within her person to maneuver.

Stimulate the dissemination of working machines to every household in America willing and able to pay the electric bill of a miner, and the speed per second along with the transactions per second capable of forge will triple.

Compress Time Frames

How to compress the chain when blocks accumulate 10,000,000 in order to efficiently download the chain to new miners of the Ethereum platform should be the focus today.

NOT the build up of an Eastern reliance a-la Bitcoin!

Though IF the East was an egalitarian and democratic zone, and NOT a power play of Oligarchs, we would be able to welcome individual miners there, as well.

At this stage of growth, however, we must defy both self-inflicted material injuries from within, as well as those preventable injuries that may occur from external annoyance.

Uphold The Charter

Harmony and liberal commercial intercourse with all nations is a highly recommended and sane policy.

Indeed, our human and humane interests dictate so.

But, even our commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand towards the East, neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences that may jeopardize our clear feelings of repugnance towards Dynasty.

Ambitious, corrupted, or simply deluded citizens who devote themselves to our favorite Ethereum platform, but nevertheless erect facilities to betray, or to sacrifice the interests of their own programming community, without odium sometimes even with popularity … should be shuck’d!

Watch, therefore, for those who gild themselves with the appearance of a virtuous sense of obligation, via a commendable deference for public opinion, who with a laudable zeal for public good, defraud the base with foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation.

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from a letter written by George Washington [1].

  1. The Farewell Letter of George Washington, First President of the United States, September 19th, 1796. Published by © 2017


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