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IOTA coins are NOT divisible …

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Hint. The founders of the Internet O Things Class A foundation, or IoTA when originally floating the IoTA coins at Initial Coin Offering, or ICO accommodated a fixed supply of just shy of Three (3) peta’s worth of IoTA.

That would be two (2) zillion in front of 779 trillion, 530 billion, 283 million, 277 thousand, 7 hundred, 60 sixty, (1) one … exactly.

And, a zillion is equal to 1,000 trillion coins.

So, in trillions … that would be approximately two-thousand, 779 and one-half trillion coins ( counting the “odd lot” of 530 billion, 283 million, 277 thousand, 7 hundred, 60 sixty, (1) one … exactly ).

Now, the global population growth of humans is expected to start topping out at around nine (9) billion persons by the year #2050.

If we divide the number of expected persons in the year #2050 globally by the total now fixed supply of IOTA coins, we get a distribution of a little bit less than 309 million IOTA coins per person.

However, the IOTA coin is designed for machines to transact with each other at a rate of gas approaching zero.

By the way, the concept of zero in a Trinary computer language is represented by the decimal numeral nine (9).

Where have I heard that before?

“Number 9, number 9, number 9 …!” ~ The Beatles, The White Album

And, in the land of IOTA, we use base numbers of the Trinary computer language called Trits and Trytes.

In addition to the concept of zero, now represented by the “Number 9”.

Are you with me?

Proceed …

Now, how many machines are expected to be talking to each other by the year #2050 globally?

And, how many of those machines, given the cost of gas approaching zero, will be consuming or using IOTA coins?

Certainly not all (9) nine billion expected persons then living in the world in the year #2050 ( even if allotted a single million IOTAs each ) will use the subject coin, unless you can buy a loaf of bread, or a gallon of milk with IOTAs.

Humpty Trumpty

High above the fray is our fearless leader Humpty Trumpty.

Having been the first President in the history of the United States to disseminate blatant, overt falsehoods ( usually our Presidents are a bit more coy, disseminating their falsehoods covertly, rather than overtly).

How has the “Age of Trump” changed the landscape upon which crypto-currencies compete, you may ask.

Think of the “reverse psychology” he has employed ( most probably inadvertently ) but, nevertheless effectively.

Why, or how could 1/3rd of our voting base still buy into his plethora of lies and deceits?

Answer. Because he has dangerously blinded our voters to the truth.

By first expounding falsehoods clearly vetted as sham and scam, he then calls the news organizations who report the shams and scams … fake news.

American citizens have always been found of reading points and counter-points.

From the Federalist papers at the founding of our Republic, to Fox News today … Americans love to have their own views reinforced by experts.

Given that the people who have voted for #Trump in the past have deemed him an “expert” in the field of “big-building” development, how not are they to believe him when he calls the source of his outing … fake news.

At the least, they will now question an otherwise trustworthy source.

And, by sowing doubt, #Trump keeps his minions blinded to the truth … The President wears no clothes …!

Hence, his perceived claim that he will now win the year #2020 Presidential election by a landslide come November of #2020.


Enter the FOMO y FIDO cycle of crypto manipulation through the modern media outlets of today’s Internet.

For those of you not well versed in crypto-speak, the acronym FOMO represents the human psychological notion of Fear Of Missing Out.

Somehow our ancient reptilian brains, still sitting there at the base of our skulls, are able to goad us into “fight or flight” mode at the whiff of potential profit.

For example, Artificial Intelligence, or AI machines can now program themselves ( and, their “offsprings” ) to detect when their human subjects are “in the mood” and ripe for such suggestion.

Hence, we now have a daily battle being waged in the print and screen media between purveyors of hyperbolic hysteria positioned to gain “long”, and those nefarious ones hell-bent at capturing both the glee ( and, the short profits ) from pounding away at the detrimental side of … well, anything!

Remember, if you wish to purchase a crypto-currency, any crypto-currency expect to find your purchase more than likely followed by a cycle of “Buyer’s Remorse” that may include a little bit of FUD … otherwise known as “fear, uncertainty, and doubt”.


Fear, Insecurity, and Doubt are the psychological tools of the short-seller.

“From weak hands, to strong hands.”

So, we now have a defined investment cycle that can be applied to crypto-currencies, especially those crypto-currencies of fixed value, like Bitcoin (BTC) … and, the Internet O Things - Class A (IOTA) coin.

The difference, however, is that the crypto-currency Bitcoin (BTC) has a fixed supply of 21,000,000 ( twenty-one million ) coins.

Whereas, as we have already pointed out … the supply of IOTAs is fixed in the upper trillions, or even zillions.

Not to worry though, because both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are divisible, whereas the Internet O Things - Class A (IOTA) coin is not.

Yes! There are a zillion wei in each Ethereum (ETH) coin.

But, whether or not the smallest denominator of a coin is expressed and traded today, or tomorrow …

The fact that the price of one (IOTA) coin now eclipses the cost of one wei is significant.

One (IOTA) coin costs around $3 USD at Christmas time #2017, after sustaining a rally from 20 cents in the year #2015 all the way to a high of $5.55 USD per coin in December of #2017.

Similarly, the Ethereum (ETH) coin has jumped from below $100 USD per coin all the way up to $800 per coin!

No doubt, the Internet O Things - Class A (IOTA) coin as the base denomination of the IOTA network is more expensive than the base denomination of an Ethereum network, aka the wei.

The wei, a division of the Ethereum coin (ETH) commonly known as ether is used as gas to power the Ethereum network.

Remember, the cost of gas under the IOTA network approaches the concept of zero.

Whereas, the cost of gas to perform one transaction over at the Ethereum network could cost you in excess of 1,000,000 wei ( one-million wei ).

Back to the key qualifying question …

Other than tossing hot potatoes around from South Korea to Japan to China to America ( and, back to Germany ) …

What is the benefit for the end-user to hold an Internet O Things - Class A (IOTA) coin?

Given the cost of gas over at the IOTA network now approaches the concept of zero.

NPM Init

npm i -g iota.lib.js

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More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Blank Author [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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