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A deficiency of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors caused by the stresses of early childhood indirectly damages the adult prefrontal cortex …

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Inequality and Poverty

Hint. Escaping from the cycle of poverty that envelopes generations in the United States of America requires an element of pure chance.

In addition, the hippocampus, as well as the adult hypothalamic adrenal system that is stimulated and regulated by the pituitary gland are affected, as well.

Pondering optimal, long-term decisions is a liability when your food supply only measures enough for two days of life.

And, even more so, if your biology has been predisposed to a deficiency of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors caused by … Are you ready for this?

Your level of poverty.

Transgenerational Cycle

Given. Escaping from the cycle of poverty that envelopes generations in the United States requires an element of pure chance.

True or False?

Hypothesis. The escape velocity required to perform an effective trans-generational leap from working poor to middle class is not deducible merely by the element of merit alone.

There is a biological component to success.

Histone modifications to the chromosomes, DNA methylation of the genome, and non-coding regions of RNA …

These are the observations of scientists hell-bent on quantifying the biological reasons why one family exponentially multiplies its given capital, while another flounders on the shores of despair.

Fact A. Scientists have found male line (XY) transgenerational effects between the generations that leap across the ages of time!

Further, these effects cannot be easily attributed to cultural pressures or simply written off as genetic inheritance.

A sort of epigenetic leap between the generations exists out there people, and scientists are hot on its trail.

The American Self-made Man

Fact B. The American myth of the self-made, inspirational individual transcending his or her circumstances by sweat and hard work is actually a very extreme rarity in real time.

American families that start in poverty, and conceive in poverty alter not only their own immediate biologies with respect to stress response, but those of their gamete induced progeny ie.) their kids and grandkids, as well.

Methyl Groups

Who you are as a person is not just defined by the letters of your DNA, but by how tightly your epigenome allows for its expression.

For example, how much reign your body grants the proximal promoter of the serotonin transporter gene which primes the amygdala ( your brain’s center for emotion and fear ) has been shown to contribute to lower socioeconomic status during adolescence and on into adulthood.

A sort of cause and effect disease, don’t you see … that just happens to be … it turns out … an inheritable trait!


Shortened telomeres, obesity, risk taking, less area of cortex …

Sounds like our American society in the age of Trump …!

Treat your symptoms, people.

Start with stimulating a little logical growth there in your left prefrontal cortex.

Expand your horizons, read a book.

“And, keep on trying, till you reach the higher ground.” ~ Stevie Wonder

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Christian Cooper [1].

  1. The Grim Biology of The Working Poor by Christian Cooper


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