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Combining synthesized terpenoids and cannabinoids together re-creates Mother Nature’s Entourage Effect …

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Hint. Terpenes play more than an aromatic roll when combined with phyto-cannabinoids.

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Pinene is commonly associated with the smell of pine needles or rosemary bushes, as well as dill, basil, and hops, and comes in two types of slightly different smelling isomers, a ( alpha-pinene ) and b ( beta-pinene ).


Alpha Pinene anecdotally and in the laboratory has certain medicinal properties, namely:


Whereas, Beta Pinene has been shown to be anti-psychotic to the patient while at the same time boosting the ability of your short-term memory apparatus ie.) the Hippocampus to store long-term memories.


The best way to describe the terpene Linalool is to remember the smell of Lavender flowers.

Lavender has been shown anecdotally and in the laboratory by perfume experts to be one of the Top five (5) scents that women crave the most.

The others being fresh cucumbers, black licorice, baby powder, and pumpkin pie spice.

( Sorry guys, but the scent of Bar-B-Que and Buttered Popcorn both worked as agonists against the physiological symptoms measured when testing subjects that were of the female of the species. )

Note. The spice known as Coriander also has a high content of Linalool, as well.


The terpene Myrcene is the most commonly synthesized terpenoid in the Cannabis plant worldwide.

Think of the spice called Clove and you will easily smell the terpene Myrcene.

The word clove is derived from the Spanish word for “nail” because of the small, dried flower tips and stems that contain the essential aromatic oils, and look like little “nails” ready to be hammered into wood …!

Commonly referred to as “Couch-lock” dweeb, Cannabis with concentrations of 50% or more of its Terpene content locked in Myrcene will “hammer” the medical patient into the sofa.

Myrcene anecdotally and in the laboratory also has certain medicinal properties, namely:

Note. Myrcene is also found in high concentrations in the Mango plant, as well. So, eat a mango before bed at night ( along with your favorite vaporization ) to enhance the Entourage Effect.

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Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Amanda Siebert [1].

  1. The Georgia Straight by Amanda Siebert. Published by © 2017 420magazine.com.


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