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The left pre-frontal cortex is required to make logical trains of thought happen …

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Left Pre-frontal Cortex

Hint. Sometimes, all that is required is a functioning left pre-frontal cortex to make a logical connection.

Think micro-processor style like when we do our math problems in our head.

No input from the right pre-frontal cortex is required to do that.

But, when a brain is presented with new evidence that refutes a deeply ingrained belief, logical as that new evidence may be, the right pre-frontal cortex will go to war with the left to maintain homeostasis with the old belief.

In fact, change is so abhorrent to the right pre-frontal cortex, even falsely held beliefs that have been refuted with doses of new, pure logic from the left pre-frontal cortex … will remain unrevised for decades.

Why? How can this be?

If the subject contemplating change has even the most remote inkling a loved one ( child ) will be effected by the change, the bonding emotions of protection will interfere with making a rational decision, and the right pre-frontal cortex will continue to win out.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

So, how do we as activists remedy this conundrum?

By assuaging the fears of the irrational voter and removing any risk their loved ones will be effected.

Focus on the targeted end user, the medical patient, and the empathy for that individual should replace the protective feelings for the child, all other things being equal.

Short of an electrical zap to the head, that is our only pathway to turning an illogical voter logical.

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Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by New Scientist [1].

  1. The Human Brain: The Collection by New Scientist. Published by © 2017


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