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Every state must judge for itself the number of armed men which they may safely trust among themselves. ~ Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of The Rights of British America

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Legally Armed

Hint. While insistence on the individual and therefore, the legal right to bear arms may have been of great advantage at a time past when our social organizations were not that highly developed, this same emphasis on individual rights may become a menace when a social response to progress may be needed rather than an individual response.

Therefore, neither disparaging one for the other, I propose a compromise.

Let the individual retain the right to shoot an assault rifle, as long as that shooting takes place at the local shooting gallery.

Help the local shooting galleries retain space to house these weapons.

If you bring such a weapon out into society, we are simply going to assume the worst.

That your flaunting of such a weapon of mass destruction is for the purpose of mass destruction.

And, you will be taken down accordingly, and charged and fined accordingly.

No longer will your local Walmart engage in the disbursement of both rifle and ammunition without social recourse.

Know Your Customer

Know you customer people, or I swear you will pay the price.

The price of lives lost, the destruction of consortium … need I say more?

“For a regard for reputation has a less effective influence when the infamy of a bad action may be divided among a number.” ~ Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper Number #15.

But, in no way does this fact EXCUSE a bad action, or erase the resultant damage of a bad action.

National Rifle Association

If the #NRA is a number, and one of its members, discretely or indiscriminately, performs a “bad action”, does not that infer responsibility, even when the perpetrating member is unregistered?

Therefore, under OUR form of government, the majority representing the faction of assault rifle ownership must be rendered “unable to concert”.

Still, allowing these people to carry into effect their “scheme of oppression” is tantamount to social slavery.

So, we shall compromise, as James Madison was once forced by logic to compromise when setting up our present day government.

The Golden Mean

“The Cabals of The Few when confronted by the Confusion of The Multitude raises the number of representatives to an appropriate level when rectified using a Golden Mean.” ~ James Madison, Federalist Paper Number #10

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson began his political career as a member of the Virginia colonial legislature known then as the “House of Burgesses”.

In the year #1774, in response to the riot known as the Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament in London passed the Coercive Acts legislation that was approved by King George III.

This prompted Thomas Jefferson to pick up his pen and he began to write against the legislation’s adverse impact here in America.

Hence, the body of work by Thomas Jefferson known by the title “A Summary View of The Rights of British America”.

In the work, in addition to acknowledging the repugnancy of the slave trade in African negroes, Thomas Jefferson places a limit as to the number of armed militia that may be safely trusted among us who are armed with assault rifles.

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Hillsdale College [1].

  1. Hillsdale College of Michigan.


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