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Every constitution of a political body should aim to elect rulers who possess wisdom …

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The Lamentations of Publius

Hint. Publius was the pen-name James Madison and others such as Alexander Hamilton used between the years 1787 - 1788 when framing the USA Constitution.

More to come …

How Publius Explains Trump

Dear Publius … How do you explain Trump?

Publius: “Virtue in our elected officials coupled with the American spirit of manly vigilance are the absolute pre-requisites necessary to ensure the legitimacy of our elected Republican democracy.” ~ James Madison, The Federalist Paper #57


Every constitution of a political body should aim to elect rulers who possess wisdom.

Wisdom, to discern the path required by destiny for the common good of society, is easily detectable by viewing the goddess Fortuna.

In one arm she holds the cornucopia, in the other her rudder.

Effective precautions should be implemented by the people as safeguards of their limited trust given to their rulers, in order to keep their rulers virtuous during their limited term of service.

For it is the people who grant the ruler the rudder required to steer the nation toward cornucopia.

And, it will be the PEOPLE who shall punish those whom assume the seat of our government, but nevertheless steer our nation off course of our American ideals.

It will better to place a millstone around the neck of those perpetrators that deceive even one of the people, and to then throw them in the ocean …!

Than to face the ultimate judgment of the righteousness of our Creator in the afterlife.

It is, therefore, the fear of the afterlife that should shake and hold every elected President fast to the virtuous pathway of prosperity for all.

Manly Vigilance

The people of the United States through their elected officials should constantly be aware of the aim of oligarchs to ambitiously sacrifice the many for the aggrandizement of the few.

Hence, the term of two (2) years is imposed on the trust of the electorate to their Representatives elected by popular vote to their respective State Houses, and in turn by extension the Federal representatives so elected by those popular State representatives.

Publius considers the term limit to be the most effectual limitation against the degeneracy of our rulers.

Thus, returning to the people every two (2) years the responsibility of electing bona fide officials.

Humble Heirs

Who among us in America is NOT a humble son or daughter of obscure and unpropitious fortune?

Do not the top twenty (20) Americans in terms of assets hold more in trust than the entire bottom 50% of Americans?

Twenty (20) Americans versus 160 million “other” persons whom are held less dear than the Top Twenties’ pets!

Remember, it is the electors, chosen by the people, who hold the right in every State to elect a corresponding Federal legislature, not the people directly.

The Pool of Applicants

Any citizen of the United States, naturalized or not, whose merit may recommend him or her to the esteem and confidence of the electorate shall be a potential candidate for office.

Wealth, birth, faith, profession are all great attributes.

But, none of the listed shall be used against ANY of the many and varied potential candidates for political office in the United States.

Indeed, even Trump has entered into public service under circumstances which cannot fail to produce at least a temporary affection from his constituents.

The $64 question is when will that facade fade?

When will the “contrary sentiment” of ingratitude emerge?

Preservation of Favor

The Preservation of Favor aka their “re-election” drives the selfish interests of the elected Representatives.

Their jealous retention of the favor placed upon them by the electorate is SUPPOSED to keep our elected officials from innovations that are subversive to the authority of the people.


But, the people and their favor do not direct our elected officials anymore.

Our elected officials in the year #2017 are driven by their corporate benefactors.

To the point the people have simply become “sheeple” to con and deceive.

The Restraint of Frequent Elections

When did the people of the United States grant direct election of their Federal representatives, both House and Senate, rather than from the deliberations of their own popular State representatives as originally crafted, but from the whims and vagaries of themselves?

For all elected representatives must descend from to the level from which they were raised in order to be confirmed by the people if not directly, then indirectly.

And, all elected representatives must remember such oppressive measures as may be conjured by their corporate benefactors will ultimately have an effect upon themselves and their friends, as well.

Shall an elected official give up the independence of their spirit for the biddings of those corporate benefactors who stuff money down the Representatives’ shirts and blouses?

Is not the social bond between the elected and the voters the paramount unbreachable communion of interests and sympathy of sentiments without which EVERY form of government will degenerate into tyranny?

The Genius of The System

The simple nature of just and constitutional laws does NOT guard the populace against the anti-straint of Representatives hell-bent on favoring only themselves and a particularly pernicious class of society, their wealthy corporate benefactors, and by extension, those who benefit from the operation of the underlying monstrosities.

No, the “genius” of the system, Dear Publius is in the deterrent factor of the law, not in the just writing of such laws.

Only by identifying and extirpating, and by extracting the malignancies that by human nature grow within our Republic can the body of our Constitution survive on an ongoing basis.

Anything But Liberty

Has the spirit of the people of the United States become so debased that we now tolerate laws that are created not obligatory on the legislature?

If so, then Publius portends we shall be prepared then as a people to tolerate other forms of non-libertarian government, including despotism and fascism.

The Capriciousness of Man

Nothing, Dear Publius is sufficient to control the caprice and wickedness of men and women hell bent on extracting wealth from the many and various forms of social engineering projects available to the corruptible elite of our digital age.

Five or Six-thousand citizens, or Fifty or Sixty-million citizens for that matter are not able to elect a fit representative.

In fact, they have proven they are more liable to be corrupted by an unfit one!

For reason has faulted us to the more likely diversion of intrigues and bribes from the ambitious rich in pursuit of real or imaginary rank, and still further wealth …

To the goal and aim of displacing the many.

The Diffusive Mode

Choosing representatives diffusely is SUPPOSED to countenance the suspicion persons of ill intelligence will tend to elevate traitors whom undermine the liberty of our Republic.

Well, it November of #2016, Dear Publius … the Diffusive Mode failed.

Enter the Populous Mode.

The Populous Mode

The reason of the public should monitor, control and regulate the government as the government monitors, controls and regulates the passions of the electorate.

In the age of Trump, however, we have capsized the boat.

Now, the passions of the electorate monitor, control and regulate the government leaving reason out in the cold in a sort of weird and eery Poseidon adventure.

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Dr Larry Arnn, PhD [1].

  1. The The USA Constitution in #2017 by Prof. Larry P. Arnn, President, Hillsdale College Online. Published by © 2017


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