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Two coins are expected to hit the market in the year 2025 …

Medcoin™ Tangerine-Copper Logo Badge

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More to come …

Two Coins

One of the coins expected to hit the market in 2025 via Initial Coin Offering or ICO is our Medcoin™ Tangerine Copper coin patterned against our federally registered Medical Marijuana Initiative USPTO Trade Mark Logo Badge.

Tangerine Copper

Medcoin™ Tangerine Copper Logo Badge

Gold Badge

The other coin expected to hit the market in the year 2025 is our Medcoin™ Gold coin also patterned against our federally registered Medical Marijuana Initiative USPTO Trade Mark Logo Badge, as well.

As follows,

Medcoin™ Gold Logo Badge


The Medcoin™ Crypto Currency Project is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Medical Marijuana Initiative of North America - International Limited, an Arizona Benefit Corporation.

The Logo Badge and accompanying script are USPTO registered trademarks of the MMINAIL [1], and as such have been colorized to produce a set of two fraternal twin Logo Badges for the Medcoin™ division, one gold, and one tangerine-copper.

Alternatively, we anticipate the color of silver will be used for all “hard currency” Medcoin™ minted, as well.

Soft and Hard

The aforementioned gold and tangerine-copper versions shall remain as digital representations of the “soft currency” that backs each digitally mined Medcoin™.

Production of our proprietary secure, “hard currency” silver coin wallets is expected to commence on or shortly thereafter our successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Medcoin™ Miners

Digital production of the set of two crypto coins namely the gold Medcoin™ and the tangerine-copper Medcoin™ will commence at the time of the ICO when the crypto coin enters global circulation upon the release of our proprietary platform.

Shortly thereafter, our proprietary embedded “hard currency” silver coins will go into production via instant 3-D printing technology.

Note. The above synopsis carries several forward looking statements, and as such should not be construed as an incentive to invest in the company’s Class B or Class C shares, when as and if issued.


How to communicate in an adversarial environment is the drive of all crypto functions.

Given the Internet of Things, or IoT will require rapid receipt and response of secure information packages across short distances of both time and space, this division of the MMINAIL [1] shall not be encumbered by a restriction that forces its coin to be used solely in the medical field.

Indeed, as a replacement stream of revenue for the soon to be abolished state income tax systems, Medcoin™ is superiorly positioned to accommodate rapid traffic to and from state coffers.

Thus, providing the replacement source of revenue necessary to abolish the state income tax system in its entirety.


For the first months in the life of Bitcoin (BTC) from the point of inception given the publishing of a white paper over a mailing list of Crypto-geeks in #2008 until the advent of GPU mining in the summer of #2010, the fledgling crypto currency was quite the egalitarian development.

Then, in the year #2013 after three (3) years of break-neck pace of hardware development, even the fifty (50) times more efficient Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU gave way to the dedicated Application Specific Integrated Circuit, or ASIC chip that was designed specifically to mine Bitcoin (BTC) at ANOTHER fifty (50) times step-up in speed and efficiency.

All the while consuming ever greater amounts of cheap Asian hydro-electric power at approximately eight (8) cents per kWh.

Indeed, the first attempt to value a single Bitcoin (BTC) away back in #2008 - #2009 was based on a calculation at the time that matched the creation of one Bitcoin (BTC) to nine (9) cents USD, the approximate cost of the electricity required then to solve the cryptographically secure puzzle that awarded the successful miner for his or her investment of equipment, manpower, and … electricity consumption.

From nine (9) cents USD to $18,000 USD at the end of the year #2017 … that’s quite the accomplishment.

The investment opportunity of the millennium.

Better than tulip bulbs!

Grandma Mary Margaret called it!

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More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Ethereum dot org [1].

  1. The Creating a Crypto Currency in Ethereum page at Ethereum dot org. Published by © 2017


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