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Money Laundering

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Unlicensed Money Transmitter

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Tor Browser

The world’s first decentralized browser client was developed in July of #1971 by Bram Cohen.

Anonymous Speech

Anonymous Speech[2] performs domain name registration anonymously.

For example, the Bitcoin[3] website was registered through Anonymous Speech in August of #2008.

Oh! To be able to operate over the Internet without the interference ( or, permission ) of 3rd parties.

Inflation Proof

If the American dollar USD …

Cut loose from the #1944 Breton-Woods moorings of gold-based fiat past …

Can inflate from $100 worth of goods and services in #1971 to $600 worth of goods and services in the year #2017 …

What then is to stop Bitcoin BTC from doing the same relatively?

Irrespective of its “fixed” nature of 21,000,000 authorized coins …

Especially with over 75% of those coins now officially mined and minted up to and including the year #2017?

From 8 cents USD to $5,000 USD per coin in less than ten (10) years …

That sure looks like “inflation” to me, especially the “price” inflation kind.

Bitcoin Cash

Who gets access to the “new” Bitcoin Cash coins?

Was not this scheme to counter-balance the rising Ethereum platform simply a rouge attempt by the cabal of Bitcoin programmers to appear expansive within a constrictive regime?

The Genesis Block

We are polishing up our Medcoin™ offering and we will soon be entering our initial contract over the Ethereum platform.

Simultaneously, we are working on an alternative consensus platform for reconciling the transactions of our dispensaries.

Bitcoin Client ^0.1.0;

January 15, 2009 … A day that will live in Infamy.

That was the day the official Bitcoin Client version ^0.1.0 was released upon the unsuspecting public.

Five (5) days before the American transition of power from President Bush, Jr. to President-elect Barack O’Bama.

Our 1st “Black-Irish” president had yet to be inaugurated when the Bitcoin Client bomb was unleashed upon the world.

New Liberty Standard puts the value of one BTC at 8 cents American based on the power consumption then required to mine one (1) Bitcoin.

The technology website purchases 5,000 BTC for $5 USD ( 10 cents per coin ) and promptly buries the address to the coins under the maple tree in back.

Fast forward to the year #2017 …

That $5 purchase by New Liberty Standard is now worth 5,000 x $5,000 = $25 mill USD.

Now, the Federal government of the United States considers Bitcoin to be a commodity, similar to corn, or wheat, or silver, or gold.

Therefore, unlike a normal currency exchange, tax must be paid ( and, losses deducted ) for each quarterly accounting period.

You sell a Bitcoin in the USA, and you fall under the jurisdiction of the Commodity Exchange Bureau, who just happens to be “buddy-buddy” with the IRS.

Still, dumping 5,000 Bitcoin and netting $25 mill, even after paying tax on the gain, is not a bad deal.

Unless, of course, you think Bitcoin is going to go higher up in price.

Check the number of transactions per day that are occurring over the Bitcoin network, and you can pretty much gauge the “real” demand for Bitcoin, the “functional” demand.

May 22nd “Pizza Day”

The value of Bitcoin exceeds the energy required to produce it.

Hackers “hack-create” 184 billion BTC using the aforementioned Bitcoin Client forcing the Bitcoin developers to “fork” the main chain.

Was Bitcoin used to fund terrorism without detection?

Was not this simply another one of the anonymous Bitcoin “features” that the nefarious types pushed?

Enter Bitcoin to circumvent the blockade against the “non-profit” organization known as Wikileaks, purveyors of “dark” information scalped by the efforts of whistle-blowers everywhere.

Life In Prison

Ross Ulbricht, the “dark” operator of the website Silk Road gets nabbed in #SF and tossed in prison “for life” after being convicted of solicitation and hire-for-pay.


Traditionally, a “half-pound” of British currency bot one (1) American dollar.

Similarly, the Great British Pound, or GBP is originally priced at two (2) Bitcoin per GBP.

Second Chance

Well, if you didn’t like 8 cents per $5,000 coin …

How about $4 USD per $5,000 coin?

June #2011

Unencrypted Theft

Stories of Bitcoin users and their receivers getting hacked over the Internet via “soft” wallets start to escalate.

Auditors with electronic access to the Bitcoin Exchanges themselves are getting hacked …!

Worms entering through the electronic back doors left open by the Auditors penetrate Mt Gox.

After a classic “pump n dump”, the hackers plummet the value of BTC temporarily back down to a penny.

Users are exposed.

Enter the “Big Scoops”.

Vitalik Buterin

The future face of the Ethereum platform debuts Bitcoin Magazine in February of #2012, on the 27th …

Maria’s birthday, twenty-nine (29) years earlier.

Satoshi Dice

The “Bernie Madoff” of Bitcoin was Trendon “Pirate40” Shavers.

He ran the infamous Bitcoin Savings and Trust Internet bank promising 7% interest PER WEEK that went bust less than one year later in August of #2012.

His take on the eventual blown up Ponzi Scheme?

140,000 BTC x $5,000 = $700 million USD in #2017 dollars.

How’s that for a little Federal Reserve injection of “inflation”?

US Federal Agents

Agent Shaun Bridges gains confidential access to the Silk Road website and promptly raids several Silk Road user accounts.

Bit Coin Client Reduex

To upgrade, or not to upgrade …

That is the $64 dollar question.

Bail-in you say in #2013?

In Cypress … yep!

Enter the Bitcoin to the rescue, now at $100 USD per coin.

C=> Lets Talk Bitcoin Podcast

Bitcoin ETF anyone?

Satoshi Forest

Now up to $500 USD per coin in September of #2013, why not send a few Bitcoins to Jason King’s venture for the homeless?

Ten (10) days later … $1,000 USD per coin.

Who wants to deposit some stolen “hot” Bitcoin at Coinbase?

Don’t … they verify the end-user vociferously.

Hodl those Coins

Before Mt Gox of Tokyo went down in flames in February of #2014, unknowingly behind the scenes, Mt Gox was getting pilfered to the tune of 700,000 BTC, mostly spread around a number of Bitcoin user “soft” wallets.

700,000 BTC x $5,000 = $3.5 billion USD in August of #2017.

Neo & Bee of Cyprus optimistically opens a Bitcoin Bank and Payment Processor branch in Cyprus using Bitcoin crowdfunding.

Its founder, aka ‘Danny Brewster’ flees the country with an address to the 9800 BTC raised.

9800 BTC x $5,000 USD = $49 million USD in August of #2017.

Trading Bots

Artificial price manipulation found to have been automatically injected at Mt Gox by Internet Trading Bots prior to demise.

In June of #2014,, a collective of miners, rules over 50% of the mining capacity aka the “hashrate” of Bitcoin.

Hashrates become themselves a tradable commodity, like Carbon Credits.

Who wants to reverse some transactions, thus altering the main chain and wrecking havoc over the Bitcoin network?

In June of #2014, the US Federal Government decide to cash-in on its haul of Bitcoins seized in the massive sting operation that envelopes Silk Road and its founder, the aforementioned Ross Ulbricht.

At auction, the officials transfer 30,000 BTC to the winning venture capitalist.

30,000 BTC x $5000 = $150 million USD

How’s that for a government mandated “transfer of wealth”?

Brain Tree

Paypal has a payment processing subsidiary called Braintree.

Guess what?

Braintree allows merchants to accept Bitcoin in payment for their goods and services.

This is Gentlemen

July 30th, #2015

The Ethereum platform takes off.


A sort of Bitcoin exchange with local branches in twenty-six (26) states carrying FDIC insurance and run by the Winklevoss brothers’ Venture Capital team opens in October of #2015.

The same month Gemini is launched, the Euro Market votes to make Bitcoin exchanges throughout the European Union “VAT Free”.

On All Hallows Eve, the Economist Magazine prints a Bitcoin article.

The price of Bitcoin on Halloween, October 31st, #2015 is $250 USD.


Alt coin Paycoin becomes indicted by the SEC for not having enough computing power to drive the advertised mining of its crypto currency.

Bitcoin Unlimited, a proposed “fork” of the main Bitcoin chain …

Makes an attempt similar to the past Bitcoin XT “fork” to patch and increase the original block size limit set by founder Satoshi Nakamoto …

And, his ( or, her ) team of programmers …

For transaction mining.

Enter Bitcoin Classic.

The Bitcoin Classic “fork” proposes a 3rd way out of the conundrum …

Simply double the increase in block size from 1MB ( one-megabyte of data ) to 2MB ( two-megabyte of data) and decide on all future increases to the block size, if any, by democratic consensus.

Seems reasonable, until you have to “sell” the “fork” to the mining nodes that are currently processing the original Bitcoin blocks.

And, those mining nodes are HEAVILY slanted to the “East”.

OpenBazaar, a Bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplace opens its virtual doors in April of #2016.

Anyone can set up a “Jack Ma” style virtual booth at Open Bazaar and start selling goods and services in exchange for Bitcoin.

Barclays of London

Bitcoin is now acceptable throughout the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth.

The Swiss railroad operator SBB retrofits their ticketing kiosks across Switzerland to accept Bitcoin in exchange for Swiss francs to power their future traffic sales.

In February #2017, the gulf state UAE now accepts Bitcoin for payment of goods and services.

But, Coinbase escapes Hawaii’s oppressive regime.

The Winklevoss brothers Venture Capital Trust is denied their application to create a Bitcoin ETF of alt crypto currencies.

The SEC sez: “Nyet!” ( Not yet! )

But, the country of Japan officially recognizes the Bitcoin-For-Yen trade in April of #2017.

Ditto soon, the country of India.

And, Australia votes to make Bitcoin purchases exempt from the Aussie GST ( Goods and Services Tax ) in May of #2017.

The Russian online retailer Ulmart sez it will accept Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services in September of #2017.

The State Legislature of the State of New Hampshire, the home of the #1944 Breton-Woods agreement that stabilized the post-war American dollar to gold, officially passes, and the governor signs …

Exempting Bitcoin from money transmission regulations at the State level.

Russian Burger King franchises say they will accept Bitcoin before the end of #2017.

Further Proof

Still think investing in crypto currencies is a “bad thing”?

Stay tuned …

And, don’t forget to bury that Bitcoin address under the maple tree in back …!

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Eric Morse [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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