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September is the CME Letter-U month for Foreign Exchange markets …

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Hint. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME is open daily until 5:00 pm Central Time each Friday, starting again Sunday evening in the United States.

If you wish to trade the FX markets, you’ll have from Sunday’s 5:00 pm opening bell until Friday’s 5:00 pm closing bell in the United States.

On Saturdays the foreign exchange markets are closed.

So, go sail a boat …!

That’s a helluva long trading period and most trading platforms require the closing of all foreign exchange contracts each day prior to the disbursement of overnite interest.

Who wants to be on the hook for that …!

Long or Short

So, whether you are long and entitled to the interest, or short and entitled to pay the interest …

Either way, you should be looking to close out your trades prior to the cutoff time.

Let’s say by noon Chicago time, you best have your profits from the overnite trade in the bag.

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Blank Author [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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