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How to craft an internal Anchor Link in Markdown with Liquid …

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First Subtitle

Hint. Place the intro paragraph ie.) the ‘hypothesis’ here …

More to come …

Targeting SubTitles

If you wish to target a certain heading or sub-heading within a page at landing time, simply append the designated pathway with a sharp symbol # followed by the Location ID of the selected heading or sub-heading, as follows:

Finale Anchor

The Code: Short Cut ( Relative ) Anchor

[Liquid Lessons Project]({{ "/pages/Craft-A-Link#Long Cut Links" | relative_url }}){:target="_blank"}

Putting it all together yields the following Live rendition …

Liquid Lessons Project


Place the introducing line of text ie.) the ‘tagline’ here …

Another Example

Taking the code of our already completed long-cut external hyperlink from the beginning of this tutorial …

See: Long Cut Links ), we may now inject our Liquid moustache statement into the mix, as follows:

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Jekyll RB [1].

  1. How To Convert an Html Site To Jekyll. Published by © 2017


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