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How to convert Celsius temperature readings to Fahrenheit readings using Default Values

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Change Temp

Hint. First, create a standard function named convert temperature

function convertTemperature(celsius, decimalPlaces = 1) {

  // decimalPlaces = decimalPlaces || 1;
  // if (!decimalPlaces) {
    // decimalPlaces = 1;
  // }
  const fahrenheit = celsius * 1.8 + 32;

  return Number(fahrenheit.toFixed(decimalPlaces));
// Call the function, override the default value
console.log(convertTemperature(21, 0));

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Note. The above synopsis was derived from a video lecture written, produced and performed by …

Reed Barger: [1].

For additional reference on the topic of Default Values see the Mozilla Developer Network: [2]

For a working Internet development platform for Javascript Functions see Scrimba: [3]

  1. Javascript: The Complete Developer, 2020

  2. Mozilla Developer Network

  3. Scrimba Javascript Developer Platform


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