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In an Object variable, the developer may mix value types …

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Object Variables

Hint. An Object variable can be instantiated with a set of curly braces enclosing a set of key-value pairs.

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var universa = {state: 'Florida', name: 'Florida Southern', enrollment: '10,000'};

Mixing Value types

For, example …

In the above universa Object variable, the key enrollment represents a number value type.

Whereas, the state key represents a string value type.


Because an Object variable is actually spawned by the built-in Object Class, the now var object universa may call the methods of its parent Class using dot notation, as follows:


;where isCamelCase is an exposed function of the built-in Object Class.


The properties of the var object universa may also be called with dot notation substituting the value of each property for the name of the function in the above example, as follows:


;where the value of the property enrollment is returned, as follows:


Function Values

When constructing your Object variable, mixing and matching value types is agreeable to the underlying Javascript interpreter.

For example, rather than a normal value of type String, or a numeric value of type Number, why not try a method value of type Function?

Just plug your function code into one of the placeholders of your Object variable, as follows:

run: function() {console.log('go fast!')}};

Last Subtitle

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Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Blank Author [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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