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Hyperlinks may be set with Html and alternatively with Javascript, as follows …

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Javascript Onclick

Hint. Place the intro paragraph ie.) the ‘hypothesis’ here …

More to come …



Example …

<a href="https://www.economist.com" title="Click to Visit The Economist Magazine" onclick="javaScript:this.target='_blank';">The Economist Magazine</a>


In markdown, we simply set the target type ( self = internal, blank = external ) of the hyperlink with a Liquid statement, as follows:




Por Ejemplo …

[Project Source Links](https://rwebaz.github.io/Zazzle-Hempaz-Project/pages/Source-Links.html){:target="_self"). Published by © 2017 [Mminail.github.io](https://mminail.github.io/){:target="_blank"}

Brackets IDE

The Brackets IDE allows the Javascript developer to display instant changes to both your Javascript program (.js) and your View page (.html) through the Chrome browser window.

Note. The Javascript console may also be exposed through Chrome’s developer tools.

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Blank Author [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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