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An array in Javascript can be a simple, straight collection of like type values …

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Hint. A Javascript array is a collection of values that can be saved into a single variable per Gabriel Cánepa.

Arrays in Javascript are instantiated with a set of enclosing brackets [...].

The brackets [...] house the collection of values, as follows:

var birds = ["parrot", "robin", "cardinal"];

;where bird of birds can be picked using the built in query-by-position algorithm, as follows:


Note. Just plug-in the index of the placeholder for the value you are attempting to expose right behind the name of the array.



;where the index zero(0) represents the value of first place in the array

Brackets IDE

The Brackets IDE allows the Javascript developer to display instant changes to both your Javascript program (.js) and your View page (.html) through the Chrome browser window.

Note. The Javascript console may also be exposed through Chrome’s developer tools.

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Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Gabriel Cánepa [1].

  1. What You Need To Know About Javascript by Gabriel Cánepa. Published by © 2016 Packtpub.com.


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