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Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion = IRAC


The issue of a successful legal argument is prefaced by a concise, to the point coin-flip.

Should it be, or should it not be?

The Socratic Method

State the issue of the problem in the form of a question ie.) How do you code this stuff?


The rule may be split into two components …

Current Majority View

What is the current view as expressed by the majority of federal districts and state courts based on the common law with reference to the UCC, 2nd Restatements, etc. et al?

The Minority View

What is the minority view as expressed by the dissent?


The analysis reviews both sides of the legal coin in depth.


The analysis reviews both sides of the legal coin in depth.


A concise conclusion wraps the argument …


Delineate the steps …


Expound the solution …

Sources and Uses

3rd Party Materials

The source and use of 3rd party materials in the creation of this Markdown page is greatly appreciated.

Most authors and publishers will allow for the abbreviated reproduction of their works in part when the case of brief quotations or ideas embodied in critical articles or reviews becomes necessary to further the understanding of the end-user’s learning process, and to help subsequently clarify the original thoughts the author is attempting to convey.


Indeed, ping-backs to original sources are welcome by the readers, the authors, and the publishers of instructional hard copies.

Therefore, it is the policy of the MMINAIL [1] to always provide a Ping Back to the original author, or to the publisher of the original publication when citing 3rd party work.

  1. The MMINAIL is an acronym for the Medical Marijuana Initiative of North America - International Limited, an Arizona Benefit Corporation.

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