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The block quote in Markdown places a vertical bar in front of your paragraph of text …

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First Subtitle

Hint. Place the intro paragraph ie.) the ‘hypothesis’ here …

More to come …

Greater Than

When quoting a block of text in Markdown …

Also known as a Blockquote

Simply prepend a “greater than” symbol > in front of your 2nd line of text, as follows:

The Code

First Line of Text
>As you can see in the following live rendition, the usage of the "greater than" symbol `>` in this case yields an indented 2nd line of text with a corresponding "thick pipe" drawn preceding Line Number Two.


Por ejemplo en vivo. Line Number One …

Line Number Two …

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Cloud Cannon [1].

  1. Instructional Jekyll Tips n Vids by Cloud Cannon. Published by © 2017


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