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More to come …

More to come …


More to come …

The Code

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Break It Down

To route to an external link, or to a new tabbed page within your browser, start with a clickable description of the link enveloped in a set of brackets [...], as follows:

[temporarily disable liquid tag processing]

Next envelope the URL to the destination of your link in a set of parenthesis (...) and bunk the URL right next to the clickable description of the link.

Note. Place no spaces between the description brackets and the destination parenthesis.

[temporarily disable liquid tag processing](

Finally, add the title and the target to the ensemble, as follows:

From your GitHub Flavored Markdown, or GFM (.md) page …

Append your (.md) external link with the {:title="Click to Visit ..."} and {:target="_blank"} kramdown statements.

[temporarily disable liquid tag processing]({:title="Click to Visit the Raw page at Shopify"}{:target="_blank"}

Note. Again, place no spaces between the description brackets and the destination parenthesis, nor the title braces, nor the target braces.


The components of a successful external link in markdown are, as follows:


How to temporarily disable liquid tag processing in Markdown.

Last Subtitle

More to come …

Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Blank Author [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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