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How to form a table using Kramdown in Markdown

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Source Code

From the Terminal prompt or your user root directory of your development machine, type the following command:

npm install -g how-to-markdown

Table (Mesa) O Fruits (de Frutas)

English - Fruits Photo Spanish - Frutas
Blackberries Zarzamoras Zarzamoras
Raspberries Frambuesas Frambuesas

Rule. Columns by default are left-aligned --------- in Kramdown tables.

Follow this series of three introducing table frames to understand the difference between the respective left-alignment, centered, and right-alignment Kramdown table columns.

Left Align Your Columns

|English - Fruits|Photo|Spanish - Frutas|

As the rule states above, columns are left-aligned --------- as designated by the introducing frame |---------|---------|---------| following the header row of the table by default in Kramdown tables.

However, to center a column in a Kramdown table, simply apply a set of colons :---------: to the introducing frame ( following the header row of the table ), as follows:

Center Align Your Colons

|English - Fruits|Photo|Spanish - Frutas|

You may also right-align the far right column ( in a table of three (3) columns ) by adding a single colon ---------: to the introducing frame, as well:

Right Align Your Colon

|English - Fruits|Photo|Spanish - Frutas|

Table (Mesa) O Vegetables (de Verdaduras)

English - Vegetables Photo Spanish - Verdaduras
Asparagus Page Banner Espárragos
Raspberries Page Banner Frambuesas

Table (Mesa) O Meats (de Carnes)

English - Meats Photo Spanish - Carnes
Chicken Breasts Page Banner Pechugas de Pollo
sin Hueso Page Banner without Bone

Table (Mesa) O Hybrid Include #1

English - Vegetables Photo Spanish - Verdaduras
First column fields Some descriptive text. Or, go see Cannabuds. This is a markdown link to Google.
Second column fields Some more descriptive text. Some more descriptive text.

Table (Mesa) O Hybrid Include #2

English - Fruits Photo Spanish - Frutas

Table (Mesa) O Hybrid Include #3

English - Fruits Photo Spanish - Frutas
data #1 data #2 data #3

Note. Unordered Lists (ul) should be surrounded by blank lines in GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM), except in those instances where a Kramdown command is subsequently evoked on the very next line, as follows:

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Note. The above synopsis was derived from an article written by Blank Author [1].

  1. A Narrative of Psychology by Blank Author, Jan #1999


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